Upright Extrusion / 2490mm long

990 kr.

Expo Sistem Line .com

Code: ESL-100

Length: 2489mm

With adjustable foot

Material: Aluminium,8 system grooves

Vörunúmer: 100 Flokkur:


8 Way Upright Extrusion With Small Hole – same function with the big hole extrusion. The small hole one is heavier, but is more durable. It is designed to meet the customers’ special requirement

Shell scheme is a term used in the exhibition industry.

A shell scheme is a modular system supplied to many exhibitions in most cases by the exhibition organizer. Exhibition organizers usually arrange shell scheme stands for exhibitors who have less than 20 square meters of stand space.In the majority of cases the shell schemes supplied by the exhibition organizer are very basic but with a little imagination a simple shell scheme can be enhanced and tailored to meet exhibitors’ objectives.One way of making your shell scheme stand out from the crowd is to change the color of the panels to match your corporate colors and then add simple graphics with strong messages and you also can put pop up stand, banner stand, flying banner…additional items to make your booth stand outShell scheme consist of modular walls, and often comes with a fascia board around top, and event organizer will then offer optional extra lighting and electrical sockets, and carpet.Meanwhile, Cl often supplies some smarts parts, such as T type screws, and beam connector, hanging wire and hook…then make shell scheme stand customized.We also have many custom made stands by modular profiles, and make custom stand like a standard booth.